Behind the Glitz

I have always been organized and a perfectionist. I work tirelessly to make things perfect. Perfect has a different definition for each task. The perfect tablescape requires a different level of perfectionism than say an algebra test. The perfect design has to be perfect for you.

The discovery of my love for planning events was found when working for a marketing firm. It was their fifth anniversary and the bash would need to be monumental. The theme was vintage circus. So I created a big top tent over the entrance stairs, tented the bar stations, hired a “bearded lady” and a “muscle man”. One of the clients who couldn’t attend even sent 25 pounds of shelled peanuts.  I loved it, even the relentless vacuuming up peanut shells. I had found what I was supposed to be doing. Which at age 22, I was certain beyond any doubt was event planning/coordinating/designing (each is very different, but ties together).

Stacey Ritz

Stacey Ritz

Owner / Designer Extraordinaire!

I started small, planning and hosting bridal showers, baby showers and birthday parties. Wedding planning came naturally. Later, after planning 2 weddings and then my own wedding, I was started. It didn’t even have a name yet and I was planning and coordinating weddings of family and friends, and their friends. Since then I’ve given this passion a name and started working outside the circle of family and friends of friends. I truly love what I do everyday. Not to say that challenges don’t arise, because they do, but they are handled with grace and/or a touch of sass (whichever is required) to create your version of perfect.


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